The War on the West: How to Prevail in the Age of Unreason

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The War on the West: How to Prevail in the Age of Unreason

The War on the West: How to Prevail in the Age of Unreason

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Murray claims this isn’t true and that colonialism, Indian independence and the slave trade are all big parts of history syllabi in the UK. Additionally he claims the employees were told white make culture = KKK/ white supremacism; these associations were actually created by the employees themselves and were alongside mundane words like golf, successful, baseball, founding fathers etc. This book is not an easy read because it tackles many uncomfortable truths and many people are likely to dislike him for that. It is, after all, possible to shoot someone without knowing they’re armed, or without them drawing the weapon; context is key. But there isn’t one: one is a man saying standardised testing is racist, and the other is a man saying standardised testing is inadequate.

As Nietzsche thought that the very idea of justice was itself a delusion produced by resentment, there can be no distinction between “sincere” and spiteful motivations on the part of those who claim to seek it.He says that the riots in Portland in 2020 had become normalised, which absolutely no one thinks, before walking it back later and admitting it’s an extreme example but it illustrates his point (which he then expands upon by citing silly incidents on TV shows). Murray succeeds in combining this somewhat high-temperature argument with a looming sense of racial threat. We live in a liberal, free (-ish) market democracy and the electorate has rejected politicians who have proposed any significant changes to that set-up. Murray often comes close to transcending such petty squabbling and he’s more interesting at these junctures, but he frequently undermines it with hyperbole, half-truths and outright smugness. To pretend that the USA hasn’t meddled on the world stage in a truly spectacular way is a staggering omission, and Murray knows it.

And history is the subject of Murray’s next chapter (oh fucking hell, he’s going to talk about statues). Murray sees “a strange pattern,” which he describes as “a willingness to celebrate and sanctify anything so long as it is not part of the western tradition, and to venerate anything else in the world, so long as it is not part of your own heritage.In a section bemoaning moral panic around racist incidents that didn’t happen, he picks on a handful of hysterical campus cases, and a few celebrities tweeting stupid things, including the claims of Jussie Smollett that he had been victim of a hate crime that were later proven false.

The eagle-eyed Deverell was quick to point out that many of these plants had been known about by Indigenous communities for years before Western botanists and explorers came across them. It is difficult to take these baleful warnings at face value, however, given that all the Twitter accounts Murray cites as evidence have fewer than a thousand followers, which strikes me as a somewhat insufficient basis of support if your goal is to erase mathematical logic from the minds of an entire generation.Murray’s emphasis on the importance of gratitude is reasonable enough as a moral insight, but as a practical solution to the problem of anti-Westernism and identity politics, it suffers from several problems. Let’s be realistic here, Churchill wasn’t Jesus, but Murray makes it sound like Churchill is beyond reproach. Adjusted for the number of law enforcement agencies that have yet to provide data, this number may be higher, perhaps between 60-100.

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