6Pcs Disposable Ear Piercing Gun with Ear Studs No Pain Safety Ear Piercing Gun Kit Tool for Girls Boys Women Men

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6Pcs Disposable Ear Piercing Gun with Ear Studs No Pain Safety Ear Piercing Gun Kit Tool for Girls Boys Women Men

6Pcs Disposable Ear Piercing Gun with Ear Studs No Pain Safety Ear Piercing Gun Kit Tool for Girls Boys Women Men

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To pierce the ear, the operator closes the instrument around the earlobe, aligning the point of the stud with the mark for the desired placement of the piercing, and squeezes a plastic plunger with sufficient pressure to break two plastic flanges on either side of the plunger, forcing the stud rapidly through the earlobe, and engaging the stud with the clasp behind the earlobe. The individually packaged, sterilised studs come in White Stainless Steel or Titanium (both silver in colour) or 24K Gold Plate which is obviously gold in colour. If I can make the piercing procedure itself as quick and fuss free as possible, all the better for the child. Therefore, the majority of the infections, scarring and minor complications may go unreported and untreated. Although this paper compared guns and cannula needles, it still proves that blade needles are the best in terms of reducing trauma to the tissue.

This is obviously extremely traumatic to a fragile piercing and significantly extends your healing time. In such cases, needle piercing is a more suitable option due to the availability of hypoallergenic metals. I hope this also dispels some untruths about ear piercing as an unsafe and unhygienic method of ear piercing. While piercing guns offer speed and simplicity, they may not be suitable for all types of piercings or individuals with specific allergies.Most ear piercing studs are not made of materials certified by the FDA or ASTM as safe for long term implant in the human body. And the best way to find one is to thoroughly read online reviews and check out a piercer's credentials.

The study is unable to follow through with any wound healing, jewellery sensitivities, or infections caused by each method. This can result in deformity and collapse of structural ear tissue, requiring antibiotic therapy and extensive reconstructive surgery to correct. And this is where my safe and private beauty salon with its comfy sofa, velvet high chair and soothing colours may win out over a tattoo and piercing studio.

The paper goes on to note that a much better method of piercing might involve a highly sharp needle that was the same diameter as the jewellery that is inserted thereafter.

The ease of operation, the greater variety of stud designs (different materials, jewels, settings, and shapes), and the relative painlessness of the piercing, and the absence of a sudden "snap" facilitated by such instruments is likely to have contributed to the widespread increase in popularity in ear piercing since the late 20th century, and in trends such as multiple piercing, piercing among both sexes and in younger children, and the abandonment of the perception of ear piercing as an ordeal. When I first learned of the needle piercing versus a gun I thought the needle took a piece of skin out of the ear creating the space for the earring to go. Larratt also printed T-shirts which featured an image of a piercing gun with a red circle and line through it, to mean No Piercing Guns. With a gun the piercing, insertion of the stud and back are all carried out in a split second whereas with a needle piercing all 3 stages are done separately and manually. As an experienced ear piercing technician advocating guns I am here to say there is room for both methods.The studs then should be rotated back and forth to ensure that the piercing remains in a perfectly circular shape and that there is free movement of the stud in the hole. With a piercing gun, the piercing, earring insertion, and back attachment can be accomplished in one swift motion. She'd been wanting to get them done for a while, we've watched videos, I explained step by step what would happen, etc. I'm leaning toward the piercing salon because they'll have more experience and probably better equipment?

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