The Giants of Kandahar

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The Giants of Kandahar

The Giants of Kandahar

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And when they failed to make radio contact for some time, the military sent in a special ops unit to investigate, though the branch of the armed forces they belonged to was never confirmed. Others believed that the claims were true and shared their views in the comments section of the viral Facebook post. Not many are going to come forward and claim they saw a massive man running around in the mountains of Afghanistan.

Some accounts claim that the giant was as tall as 15 feet with six digits, wore leather moccasins with a horrible odor, and appeared out of nowhere from a cave, killing one soldier with his spear.

The debris led the troop to a difficult, mountainous trail, which terminated at a large cave and a clearing scattered with broken equipment and cracked bones. The Department of Defense said they had "no record or information about a special forces member killed by a giant in Kandahar. It is a rare supersized cress originating from Kandahar, Afghanistan, growing 3 or 4 times larger than the common garden cress. Armed with a BSc Hons in Computing and an MBA in IT, my educational background has ingrained in me a profound understanding of the tech world.

At approximately the same time that the Snopes article came out that discredited the story, the self-proclaimed supernaturalist L. K claimed he saw the giant carrying a spear and murdering a United States soldier named “Dan” before he and the other “special forces” took it down. Predictably, proud wearers of the world’s largest tin foil hats responded along the lines of, “That’s exactly what someone hiding a 13-foot-tall body would say! That is according to a witness who claimed to have seen the killing in a YouTube interview, which has since been deleted.Several unverified accounts have emerged, including two from men that claim to have been part of the special forces patrol that encountered the giant. Of course, as with any good conspiracy, this lack of evidence isn’t sufficient proof that the myth of the Kandahar Giant doesn’t exist. In 2002, a group of soldiers went missing while on patrol in a remote mountain region of Kandahar, in the south of Afghanistan. There are many accounts of soldiers who have reported seeing massive humanoids that tower over the normal man in Afghanistan,” Orton continued. Steven Quayle spoke of an occurrence which is still classified by the US Government in his popular Radio Show “Coast to Coast:” The events allegedly happened in 2002 in a desert part of Afghanistan, when a U.

In 2016, an account appeared online that claimed to be from a member of a US special forces team that encountered, and killed, a giant humanoid during operations in Afghanistan. I’m sure I’ve never before seen a healthier rootball than the one that arrived with our happy looking daubentons kale, and seeds and tubers are thriving thanks to all the useful information provided. Not only that, but the story itself was squashed as the soldiers were all required to sign NDAs (non-disclosure agreements).Were” because God Almighty himself caused the flood of Noah’s time to get rid of them, though some made it through, along with the other races on the ark. com Sasquatch Experience by Sean Forker, James Baker, Henry May, and Vance Nesbitt is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4. The giant was then reportedly collected by Chinook and transferred to a C-130 to be transported to an unknown location, with members of the aircraft crew reportedly stating that it weighed in excess of 1,200lb.

Although we usually only offer perennials, this cress deserves a place as an Incredible Vegetable and the more people growing it will help ensure that it will survive into the future.According to Marzulli, the creature was a Nephilim, a group of people mentioned in the Genesis and Numbers books of the Old Testament who were said to be “ people of unusually large size and strength” that could be found in the Middle East both before and after “The Flood” of Noah’s Ark fame. Chief among those terrifying encounters was an incident in 2002 with the “Giant of Kandahar,” a “Biblical cryptid” creature that special forces stumbled upon as the giant was doing giant things like cooking giant food and minding his giant business. Echoes of the Giant" concludes with a poignant decision to keep the discovery a guarded secret, honoring the legacy of the past and the mysteries that remain hidden. In his post, Orton shares several other gigantic tales he allegedly collected from military members. A legendary 13-foot-tall enormous creature who dwelt in Afghanistan's highlands and was destroyed by US special troops.

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