Large Glass WASP & INSECT CATCHER/WASP TRAP - Garden Pest Control - 17cm (PINK)

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Large Glass WASP & INSECT CATCHER/WASP TRAP - Garden Pest Control - 17cm (PINK)

Large Glass WASP & INSECT CATCHER/WASP TRAP - Garden Pest Control - 17cm (PINK)

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What we also liked is that the refill will last up to 10 weeks, depending on how many wasps it has to deal with. Moreover, it won’t attract beneficial honey bees. It is designed to ensure full protection from early spring to fall. Whimsical Garden’s Wasp Traps are especially cool because they include a solar light as well! These act as both wasp traps and solar hanging lights and will look great during the day, catching your wasps, and during the night, gently glowing, lighting up your garden. It isn’t as sturdy as a plastic bait, so you’ll have to be careful operating it to avoid chipping or breaking. The flat bottom allows you to place it on any type of surface or you can simply use the string provided to hang it anywhere you want, indoors or outdoors. The unique shape of the bottle lures the wasps inside and traps them, without having the possibility to escape.

If you’re not keen on spending a fortune on over-the-counter repellents, there are plenty of videos and tutorials that teach you how to build your own wasp trap, step by step. All you’re going to need are some basic ingredients, such as a large plastic bottle or glass vase, and sweet products like jam, nectar, sweet tea or lemonade. It doesn’t contain any chemical substances that might irritate you or harm the environment, so all you have to do is add your favorite insect bait and wait for them to be lured inside. Traps them pesky wasps. To many people, wasps are terrifying, especially by those who have been stung. Hang or stand the Glass Wasp Trap/s around your garden to keep unwanted flying insects away from your main areas. Hang the trap or place it on any flat surface. The wide metal hanger will fit around most braches. Glass feet allow a gap for insects to crawl inside. The non-toxic formula is gentle on your eyes and skin, without causing irritations or allergic reactions. Therefore, you can safely use it around kids and pets as well.It works on the basic principle of luring insects in with a sweet bait, and then capturing them, without allowing them to escape. The manufacturer recommends using a small number of sweet beverages (from lemonade to apple juice) and then hanging the wasp trap a few feet from your terrace to prevent insects coming too close. The item is perfect for when you’re going camping, relaxing by the pool in the summertime or enjoying a barbeque on a weekend. Glass wasp traps haven’t always been popular but have gained more attention lately, especially since and more and more styles are available. Some of the best glass wasp traps currently on the market are: Toland Home Garden

The best thing is that the product doesn’t come with an expiration date, meaning you’ll be able to use it year after year, as long as the bag is sealed. However, wasps also feed on other small insects and they may be interested in this prey, depending on the season. Some people even suggest that these insects are meat lovers, so you may also try putting small pieces of ham inside the traps. The glass bottles can be used as stylish outside and inside decorations, and, if you decide to paint them, you can create a unique design for your porch, terrace or kitchen. The product is very easy to use and, most importantly, completely silent, so you won’t have to deal with high-pitch noises and unnecessary buzzing around the house. HANG or STAND the Glass Wasp Trap around your garden to keep unwanted flying insects away from your main areas. Extra-wide metal hanger, for hanging from a tree branch etc. Hanger release. The hanger easily detaches from the bottle for hanging in restricted places.

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The non-toxic formula is perfect for sensitive people or those with allergies who cannot stand using regular anti-bug sprays and solutions. The body is made of high-quality plastic to resist all weather conditions and temperatures without breaking. There are six different entry funnels used to lure insects inside and, once trapped, they won’t be able to escape. This bee catcher can be hung anywhere you want thanks to the attached cord or it can sit on a table or other plane surface. The container is reusable and refillable, so you’ll just have to add your favorite wasp bait (we suggest a regular mixture of water and sugar). Simply add some sugar and water in to the bottom, or a sweet solution of juices or cider vinegar, and this will attract flies and wasps into the deep hole at the base of the trap and catch them inside.

Wasps do have a sweet tooth for everything that has sugar in it, so alluring them shouldn’t be too hard. So, if you’re wondering about what to put in a wasp trap, the answer is easy – sweet beverages from lemonade to sweet tea, fruit juice, and even the plain water and sugar mixture. Most stores do not sell official wasp baits that can be used in traps. Instead, we need to rely on our own ingenuity and DIY knowledge to create something attractive and reliable. Some of the most popular baits people can use include: Contrary to what you may believe, timing is very important when considering the efficiency of a wasp trap. Although most products on the market claim they can be used from early spring to late autumn, this isn’t always the case.It is equipped with a safety feature that, once it traps insects inside, it won’t allow them to escape.

If you’re looking for an efficient trap that is also eco-friendly and doesn’t use any chemical substances that might affect the environment or cause allergic reactions, this one could be a good choice for you. BAIT TIPS - 1. If you are worried about attracting honeybees, add a teaspoon of vinegar to the water. 2. Try Adding Meat For early season use, try meat and water inside the bottle. This will encourage early-season insects to investigate the trap. Try adding meat in the spring and late winter because wasps are making nests and laying eggs, so they're searching for high protein food. You may even catch a queen this way, in which case the wasps will relocate their nest. One single refill will last you up to 10 weeks, more than enough to get you through the busiest insect season. It can only be used with refillers from the same brand, which means you shouldn’t bother buying other products or replacing the existing baits with homemade solutions made of water and sugar.


The product features a durable plastic construction that is designed to last you many seasons from now on, regardless of the temperatures and the weather conditions in your area. This multi-use instrument works perfectly as a wasp trap and a beautiful garden decoration, especially since it is made of glass which can be painted to create a unique environment.

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